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when something is super awesome that the word dope just doesn't suffice.
Dude! You hear that new album yet?
Yeah man. That shit was megadope!
by Salvamerican Man February 08, 2011
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1 When something is multiple times more dope than just average "dope".

2 When something is so fucking dope that your facial expression automatically changes because it affects you in a special way.

3 Used to describe someone or something in its optimized state of balanced , fully integrated , elemental synthesis : its Ultimate form.
1 "dope is better than basic ... and MegaDope is Doper than dope."

2"Yeah man that shit was dope ..."

"Nah man , that was some next level , beyond average , MEGA-DOPE shit man! I've never seen some shit like that before."

3"Yo ... Voltron is dope."

"True , but check this shit out man ... Each individual Lion is dope on their own ... but when all the elemental Lions combine into one GIANT integrated Robot ... THEN Voltron becomes MEGADOPE !!!!!
by March 19, 2017
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An extension to 'dope' as in cool/nice/awesome. Shows that you think something is more than just awesome.
Whoa that's mega dope!
by $uper mega dop£ June 05, 2013
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