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1) When one grits their teeth in suppressed anger. It is not what you say when you are gritting your teeth, but a word describing the action itself.

2) When an adult is overflown with so much emotion towards a child and expresses it while gritting their teeth to suppress her from overreacting.
1) *Earlier in the day, your sister had broken your game console, and it is your birthday.
Also your dad has been at work the whole day, unaware of the incident, but comes home just in time for the party.*

Dad: Everyone, I'd like to present my son his present. It's that game you wanted! :D
You: *meeshkaring*

2) It is a very cute little boy's 5th birthday party and his aunt walks in. The young boy is standing at the door to welcome the guest. His aunt, overflown with emotions, pinches his chubby cheeks while gritting her teeth, and says, "Happy birthday, kiddo"
by pigeon rapist June 27, 2013
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