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Someone who always knows where the TV cameras or other media devices at all times and always makes sure they are noticed to them. Examples would be celebrities, politicians or sports figures. that have nothing of importance to say, but always make sure they wind up on-camera as often as they can. An individual of former importance that panders to the camera or other media devices to make sure they are seen despite their irrelevance today. Synonym: Attention Strumpet

The term strumpet originally meant a female prostitute, or a lady of "questionable" character. Media or Attention Strumpet includes members of both sexes who crave media attention
"The former vice-presidential candidate continues to inanely talk about things (s)he knows nothing of. (S)he is nothing but an attention strumpet."

" That football player is a giant media strumpet. He knows where the cameras are at all times and makes sure he is in then. "
by Jerold in Citrus Park September 25, 2019
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