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A nightmare for vegetarians in which they dream they are eating meat. It is often an "accident" or falling off the wagon, often accompanied by guilt, and relief upon reawakening. Contrary to popular belief it does not mean the dreamer has a subconscious desire to eat meat.
Sarah: Ugh I just had the worst dream
Jen: What was it?
Sarah: I had a meatmare. I was eating a giant hamburger topped with bacon and enjoying it. Then I woke up and I felt so bad
Jen: Don't feel bad, it's just your fear, it means you are afraid of eating meat, that's a good thing, meat is disgusting!
by CindyLennyCleo November 15, 2009
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The meat-themed nightmares that occur shortly after becoming a vegetarian or a vegan.
Dude, I woke up from the worst meatmare last night; chicken after chicken were forcing their way down my throat. Creepy.
by Madeline Davies January 31, 2010
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A condition experienced during sleep, characterized by delusional dreams that are triggered by the consumption of large amounts of cured or smoked meats. Usually accompanying meat sweats. Condition is related to the high levels of nitrates and salts in the cured meat.

I kept waking up with meatmares from the meat platter I had for dinner last night at the Serbian restaurant.
by valderp June 01, 2007
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A meatmare is a dream which causes a strong unpleasant emotional response for the sleeper, typically fear or horror, due to a meaty appearance.
Jenna-"Last night I had a dream I was eating a smart dog and it turned into a chunk of bloody meaty flesh."

Bob-"Wow what a meatmare"
by Colpo Basso June 23, 2009
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