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A serious--and quite possibly deadly--form of inebriation brought on by the over consumption of meat and/or meat byproducts. Symptoms include slurred speech, impaired vision and balance, sweating (commonly known as "meat sweats") nausea, and gleeful levels of euphoria, and erratic behavior.
Person #1: Hey, did you eat that entire package of hot dogs?

Person #2: Grrbbl... fex... sh... bah.

Person #1: Oh, great. You're meatfaced again. Looks like you've ruined Christmas. Again.
by CYFOHCM August 09, 2010
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When you try to take a charge in basketball, but the other guy dunks on you and his sweaty crotch area hits you square in the face. Often results in falling over from force or the act of trying to avoid another man's nether regions contacting your face.
"Did you see that dunk? Ridiculous air!" - Joe

"Yeah man. That dude got meatfaced bad. Insult to injury. That must hurt... And stink. Literally. " - Mike
by Muzzy1855 March 19, 2015
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