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The original title of the 1999 rock hit, “Meet Virginia” as written by Robert Hotchkiss, Pat Monahan and James Stafford of the rock band “Train”. The original lyrics were affectionately written about a Virginia-shaped piece of meatloaf during a serious case of the “munchies” while the band was performing a gig in Richmond. Written as a goof, the melody had such an appealing draw that the band decided to re-title the track to “Meet Virginia” and edit the lyrics to be more abstract and broadly appealing. The meaning behind the song “Meet Virginia” as has been hotly contested with theories of love interests, strippers, and drag queens abounding. Until now, the band has hilariously allowed these theories to promulgate while the original title and meaning of the song has eluded the blogosphere.
Rob: “Meat Virginia! I can't wait to eat Meat Virginia, yeah e yeah hey hey hey
Pat: “Savage”
James: “Love it”
by Darren Besert October 25, 2018
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When you pack your ass with creamed corn and coffee grounds. You then proceed to shat this concoction onto a dirty meth using hippie that doesn't own her own clothes.
That's It! Joleen is getting a Meat Virginia now that she has stolen my dope, again!!!
by ClearlySeeThru December 24, 2014
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