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Basically a buff man who takes exercising to its limits and engages in AoE like conversations with women all day long.

Also, "Meat" itself is just a placeholder for whatever may be happening at the moment.

In other words, if the Meat Tank is going to the bathroom, you can call him the Poop Tank. If he is eating a muffin, feel free to call him the Muffin Tank. Honestly the skies the limit here.

Above everything else, though, the Meat Tank is known for his aggressive friendliness and overall niceness.
"Yeah man, I did P90X the other day and I gotta say, it felt like that 12-mile marathon I did last night. Ha ha sure, I'll meet up with you at the gym later. Nah, of course I have nothing else to do."

"Yeah man, the other day I was trying to move my 500-pound refrigerator and the Meat Tank helped me out. Still can't believe he decided to walk all the way to my house with it though."
by Anonymous 98765432189 April 28, 2010
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A set of words used to describe the penis. This is almost exclusively used in badly written smut.
"And with a mighty heave, he thrust into the depths of her womb his mighty MEAT TANK. And it was so."
by Dontlikesmut September 20, 2007
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