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When a male steps out of the shower and his meat claps against his leg.
"Nolan Fillet told me a really stupid story about meat clapping.
I then later tried it for myself and IT WORKS!!!"

"I swear i could just stand here and clap my meat up and down all day long."
by The Lone Boner August 31, 2009
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when two fat people hug, give each other a high beefy five, or try to squeeze together in a seat they know their fat asses cant fit in
"Hey Sam we won!"
"Yea man I know!"
"Let's meat clap!"
(High five) Gloush!

"I'm sorry there's only one seat left"
"Well I think we both can fit dont you Symone?"
"Well I guess Allison!"
"If we meat clap we might be able to fit"
(They squeeze together in the seat) CLOMP,PHEESH,GLOMP
by Mz.Breezy April 03, 2008
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When You Clap Your Meat Either On Your Hand Or On Someones Face And It Makes A Noise, That Noise Is Meatclap. Not To Be Confused With CS (Cockslap) Which Is The Movement Of The Meat, But the Noise... Thats Meatclap.
Dude You Meatclap Me Again In My Sleep And I'll Give you Pinkeye


Yeeeeahhhh Boi!!! I Meatclapped You At GH3

And Also

You Hear That???
You Got Meatclapped
by Sneaky Remirez April 06, 2008
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when a guy uses his cock to slap against his hand and make a clapping sound

also used as a reference to beating someone at something
aww man why are you meatclapping in the middle of GCSE History?

or " dude i completely meatclapped you at guitar hero 3!"

by Kezzlaistheman April 04, 2008
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