When someone is meaner than mean
But if I’m just mean, that makes you mean mean
by Tmankiller 10 February 9, 2021
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HOLY FUCKING ASS CRACKERS, HOW STUPID ARE YOU? IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT MEANING MEANS, HOW THE HELL DID YOU LOOK IT UP YOU DUMBASS? This is a seriously insane level of dumbassery that can only be found on the internet. I mean, shit how the hell did you set up your computer of phone to ask this question? how did you have the money to purchase all the shit necessary to look it up and still not know the meaning of meaning?
Time is irrelevant and Meaning Meaning has no Meaning.
by Mr. Pancy Fants September 4, 2016
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A cute way (especially between friends or a partner) to call someone or the other mean.
Lily: "Ughh, mean-mean!"
Katie: "Hehe, sorry Lily."
by brooklynlikespizza April 26, 2022
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1. A street, defined by its ability to withstand the ways of bad bitches and Mexican drug lords. A place where children do not come to play but battle until their death, where harlots lie and the po-po die. The act of maintaining your mean streets' reputation, the areas the tourists avoid.

2. Putting on a poncho, sombrero, and fake mustache and walking the streets.
by vivalasmexico November 1, 2013
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