Depression and extreme sadness due to corona virus fucking up ur life and events
Girl: Coronavirus canceled slc and worlds

Guy: Me cry
Girl :(((
by capitanvs22 March 12, 2020
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A utterance of disgust, shame, embarassment and disappoinment.
Make me cry is fuck me to tears for polite company.
See fuck me to tears.
Oh, make me cry! I missed desperate housewives again.
by jsd9632 May 28, 2011
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Basically meaning that you’re really upset over something and you’re crying
Bro I’m so sad, catch me crying
by Skjsojws May 07, 2019
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to tell a moaning person to shut up and that you dont care.
your cat got ran over and your giro is late, Cry me a river love!
by filth April 23, 2003
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besides the awesome justin timberlake song, an expression that means i've been through worse, you're being a drama queen
person: omg my chihuahua is sick
you: cry me a river loser both of my dogs are dead.
by charliee August 29, 2007
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Something said to someone when your sympathy for them is so low they aren't even worth crying a river over.
A reference to Joaquin Phoenix and his older, more talented brother River Phoenix.
by Ford Leiden December 28, 2009
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A phrase which can be used during that awkward moment when you have a boner and your girlfriend is crying.

Originated from the phrase "cry me a river."
"I told my girlfriend to shut up and cry me a blowjob after she got upset."

"After the fight, I told my wife to cry me a blowjob when I saw her tears."
by Mr.WhatsItToYah March 27, 2014
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