This is me, I am a hobo with internet access and I am here for the memes.
Fred: you see that picture of that dead guy?
Me: that was me irl.
by IAmHobo July 19, 2016
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Fight me in In Real Life

When a person on internet gets annoyed by someone who insult about their physical appearance, or their jimmies just got rustled
What the fuck did you say faggot?
Fight me IRL
I get more pussies and i lift more than you!

Do u evn lift fgt?
Fight me IRL
by FatBaldDude December 25, 2012
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Fight me in real life faggot

Often used in online video games and social media sites in a tongue-in-cheek way.
Player 1: I fuked ur mum last night
Player 2: U wot m8?
Player 2: fite me irl fgt
by Xx_ToiletSlayer_xX July 04, 2017
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When someone says something overly cringy over the intranet, and it's so terrible that you said "YIKES!" in real life.
manw0lfz: "Yeet."

Ourly: "oh, that made me yikes irl"
by Ourly January 30, 2020
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