2 definitions by Ourly

When someone says something overly cringy over the intranet, and it's so terrible that you said "YIKES!" in real life.
manw0lfz: "Yeet."

Ourly: "oh, that made me yikes irl"
by Ourly January 30, 2020
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Short term for troglodyte. Usually an insult thrown at another member at an argument, leaving them in confusion, because of how braindead they are, which leads us to the rest of the definition.

-A caveman of sorts, never gets human interaction, meaning or referring to the fact that they don't leave their parent's basement.
"That fuckin' troggy just ran across my yard with a bat."

"Damn them troggys on the internet man... they really be as braindead as they seem..."
by Ourly December 12, 2019
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