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When someone claims to be a fast food hating vegetarian, but is found out to be a fraud when spotted at Maccy D's ALONE.
totally busted.
Omg! Was that.... ?!
Yes, what a total lying McVeg
by buslaver123 January 11, 2011
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McVeg was first originated in Ireland when a person named 'McVeg' kept leavng stupid comments on someone's bebo picture. It now means a stupid arsewipe who doesn't have a life or friends and will soon be the victim of a unfortunate death. Rather like a vegetable when people eat them....they are eaten therefore they die. 'Mc-' is because obviously everyone hates scotland now....this is wrong and offensive to scots all around the globe and downright rude so
omg...u know that Sarah right?....she's such a fucking McVeg!!...whore...
by bumbum4 January 07, 2008
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