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A 'McPink' is a cross between a Rent-Boy and Suzuki Vitara Owner. They usually hang around in gay bars, drinking Pims and Lemonde. They often pretend to be Straight, Macho, pie-eating, ale drinking, whippet racing Northern hard men.

A 'McPink' can be spotted and easily 'Outed' by the constant carping on about Landrover Defenders, how tough they are and how great northern men are.

'McPinks' are harmless, unless you spot one in his Pink Vitara, then, If he recognises you, he is likely to try and run you down to get rid of the evidence.

They also wear womens underwear and frequent places link Kings Cross and Paddington wearing sparkly Hot-Pants and tight tank-tops. And bright red lipstick.

Also see Vitara Boy.
Real Macho Man 1: "..hey, see that guy over there?"

Real Macho Man 2: "..sure, the one in the Spandex Hot-pants, tank-top and seems to be wearing his 'Wifes' G-String?"

Real Macho Man 1: "..that's him - he looks like a McPink..."

Real Macho Man 2: "..Christ - I think I'm gonna be sick - a McPink's even lower than a Vitara Boy.."
by Morale Suppression Officer December 22, 2003
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