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Someone who states in public they want to buy a Landrover Defender, but in reality will actually end up buying a second hand Suzuki Vitara - probably in Pink, with flared wheel arches, tinted windows and Pye Stereo system.
See that Gay hairdresser over there? Say's he wants a Landrover Defender - but he's in denial. He's a Vitara Boy - just hasn't come out yet.
by Morale Suppression Officer December 03, 2003
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A state of mind - whereby the person so aflicted believes from the bottom of his heart he want's to be a Landrover owner - but can't resist buying or dreaming about Pink Suzuki Vitara's. Also likely to read a copy of Max-Power, sandwiched between the pages of "Landrover International"
person 1 - "Sup Nigga?"

person 2 - "see that Vitara Boy over there? Man is he dreamin.."

Person 1 - "Fo Shizzle - if it wasn't for the white socks and bad mullet - I'd say he was one step away from wanting to get a Rice Burner.."

Person 2 - "Word...Dog"
by Morale Suppression Officer December 05, 2003
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Usually found loitering in 24hrs Tesco's late at night, trying to look inconspicious whilst oggling the latest Max-Power filth. When questioned, will usually grab the first Landrover-oriented magazine that comes to hand, or, failing that, a copy of Good-Housekeeping or some other suitably nonced-up publication. Vitata Boy's usually claim to be hard Nothern, Pie eating whippet lancing, Ale drinkers.
Salvation Army Volunteer 1: "Oh dear, do you see that young, dishevelled young man collapsed in the door-way over there?"

Salvation Army Volunteer 2: "(spitting at the person in question) Don't touch him Susan, he's a Vitara Boy - probably been drinking meths and anti-freeze again - and I heard they read Max-Power!!"

Salvation Army Volunteer 1: "Oh My...what a flithy pervert..hang on a moment...I'm going to Urinate on him.."
by Morale Suppression Officer December 10, 2003
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