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noun-A two headed, back-stabbing, two faced lying monster that can get away with anything.
verb-To be hoodwinked, sucker punched, tricked.
I thought Steve was really cool 'cause he gave me his iPod, then went and told everybody that I had stolen it! What a jerk-he's a total McPalin!

Jess said that she had never slept with my boyfriend, then I found her thong in his bedroom-the bitch is a total Mcpalin.

I bought a stereo at a flea market, and when I got home and opened the box, it was full of old paperbacks and a moldy apple; I got totally Mcpalined!

I thought I voted for a "maverick" but once he was in office he raised taxes, cut unemployment benefits, and signed all kinds of Big Oil deals; I got Mcpalined, and how!
by franglaisbis September 14, 2008
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