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McFreedom is the cheap, hollow imitation of liberation that America somehow feels entitled to push upon countries around the world.

The McFreedom process begins with threats and intimidation to the leader of the victim nation followed by increasingly random and impossible ultimatums. If they don't give in, the American military arrives with their tanks and bombs and starts demolishing the place, all the while handing out junk food and pamphlets to the civilians.

Soon, a new leader who's policy is by extreme coincidence exactly the same as the yank's is "elected by the free people". Within months, McDonalds chains have started to infest the countryside and foreign investors suddenly own all of the country's natural resources.

Anyone who doesn't wax lyrical about how much better things are now is labelled a terrorist and shot.
We've changed your regime! Thanks for the oil, enjoy your McFreedom!
by George McBob May 25, 2009
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