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Not to be confused with the common frosty drink from Mcdonalds, This girl is the one and only.
She is someone that has Mc in her last name, and is completely a flirt.
The common symptoms of a McFlirty:
Constant hugging and kissing of random people
Halfway across the party shoutouts: HEY!!!!!
Devoted to making her self appear as a good artist, and messing with guys minds
She will not hesitate to sit on the lap of someone she isnt romantically involved with
Very attractive
a gymnist during the schoolyear
M**** Mc***** is the definition, and source of the name mcflirty
by Wilton Highschool July 10, 2006
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One who offers tasty yet mass-produced flirtation devoid of any real nutritional value. Consuming McFlirty in small doses can produce a sugar-like high, but over time leaves one with a stomachache and/or heartburn.
Friend: So what's going on with you and Donald?

Me: Who, McFlirty? Nothing. He'll make a pass at anything that walks.
by chiquitabanana July 28, 2008
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