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The fetus of a female McDonald's employee who was impregnated while she was still on the clock.
Person 1: Did you hear about Ashley's McFetus?

Person 2: Yeah, I heard Joe, the cook, helped her make it while she worked the Drive-thru
Person 1: That McFetus has no hope.
by Hugh Jundies March 31, 2015
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After consuming a large meal, this act consists of taking the biggest shit of your life, which expands your asshole to the equivalent of childbirth.
Call the utilities company, I just dropped a McFetus.
by Evan, Eddie, and Kurt October 16, 2006
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Reference to a human fetus prepared in a manner similar to fast food, such as McDonald's.

Used most often to mock abortion and stem cell debates by left leaning advocates with particular regard to those leaning to the right side of the political spectrum.
"I really could go for a McFetus, supersized!"
by Anonymous Tipster WA December 12, 2006
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