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the name for a person who allows their pants to fall low enough to reveal thier butt crack.
Donna: Hey Susie McCracker? Aren't you cold?
Susie: OMG! How long was my crack showing?
Donna: About 10 seconds
by XcPrincessB March 10, 2009
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MC Cracker is the best rapper ever, hes got a great flow and lyrics as good as Eminem’s, if you don’t listen to his debut album Cracker you will go to hell
Tyrone - “don’t you love MC Crackers new album”

Tyrese - “hell yeah my nibba
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by Btwfu12 October 09, 2018
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A very white person that tries to hard to act black. He likes the terms nigga,nigger, and monkey nigger. He has a very trash rap album coming soon don’t listen to it or else you’ll grow nature on your face like MC Cracker
Is that an MC Cracker? Nope it’s just a nigger monkey
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by ALEX THE PUSSY DESTROYER October 10, 2018
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