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noun, (maa-zeh-ven-then-thor)
This word describes the main pains people have go through and suffered put into one word. It's a very emo word. When broken down each letter is a word, or a
series of words. Not all these words are feelings, but basicly words of hate and violence-- darkness and depression.

The Original Set / The New Set

M. Maleviolence / -no change-
A. Angst / -no change-
Z. Zygote / -no change-
E. Enmity / -no change
V. Venom / Venom and Virulence
E. Evil / Execrated Enemies*
N. Nauseate / Noxious
T. Torment / Tormenting Turpitude
H. Hate / Hate and Hostility
E. Enemy / Evil*
N. Nuisance / Nefariousness
T. The Pariah / -no change-
H. Horror / Heavyheartedness**
O. Opprobrium / Obloquy
R. Regret / Remorse
E. Execrate / Eschewal

"The First Four"(read about it in the history section) are listed as "-no change-". This means they are the same in the New set as the Old set.

*These have swaped places in the new set, because of their level importaince, evil is moved down being less importaint to the set.

**The entire meaning to this line has been changed, since horror is already described in alot of otherwords, and a line for depression is nowhere to be found in the

oldset--something the old set majorly screwed up on.

History: In dark times this word was created by lashing together the greatest pains and sufferings from living souls. The word was uttered when someone feeling great

depression and hate for the world basicly snapped. The word was created, or 'forged', from pure hate of the world and borderline insanity--otherwise it is not quite

clear why the word was chosen.

The old set was the first original description for Mazeventhenthore, and then the new set was created to replace the old one with better choice of words that

described Mazeventhore more properly. The word play is much better in the new set no doubt, and possibly the new set would serve better description for this word,

but the old set was the original so therefore it deserves to recognized as the first and true meaning of Mazeventhenthore.

"The First Four" were the first four lines to forever remain untouched, by the words of their creators. Not only that, these words were absolutley flawless, and no better words could be thought of to replace the old set.

Rumour: The word spelt backwards makes Erothnehtnevezam, (ay-roth-nait-neh-veh-zam) is said to be the opposite of Mazeventhenthore; but this term was

created along with the new set, so it's only a rumour--nothing offical.
"I feel great Mazeventhenthore...please god just kill me now."
by Mitts November 18, 2005
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