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A Persian name for a girl that means "A beautiful flower that when it blooms smells like a sweet red wine"
Person 1: I am having a Persian baby, I want to give it a name that is not familiar to most people what should I name it?

Person 2: You should name your Persian baby Maygol!
by Maygolicious May 11, 2011
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when you walk into a room and everybody thinks that you farted because the minute you walk in, somebody else farts and blames it on you. also, a reverse maygol consists of leaving a room after farting, so as to place the blame on somebody else.
"i walked into a room and Elizabeth totally farted right when i walked in, then she blamed it on me!"
"ooo, bummer, she totally maygol-ed your ass."
by Joncs192 June 24, 2009
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