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1. A vato or jaina who thinks and acts like they're black and uses the word "nigga", and denounces brown pride and their Mexican background for some mayate shit.
2. Comes from the word mayate (chicano slang for blacks) and the fact that the word "nigga" now has commercial appeal among the youth.
3. Can be used to any refer to any race (Whites, puertoricans, etc.) that does the same, only with their own shit.
Mira ese pinche mayatero hijo de perra, se le olvido que es Mexicano, nomas oi lo como habla, "what's up my nigga, you got that new Lil' Wayne album".

Qvo ese, escucha esas perras mayateras pasandose de vergaz ese, talking nigga this, nigga that, a la verga con eso ese, puro brown pride ese, simonese, trucha!!
by elFantasmaEncabronado June 12, 2009
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Someone who thinks that they're African American. It originates from the word mayate, which is a derogatory term used by mexicns to describe dark-skinned people.

Also intertwines with an issue of Brown Pride between Mexican gangbangers. (I.E., Surenos accuse many Nortenos of acting and thinking that they're black, instead of representing Brown Pride like they should. And a common term that Surenos use for these sort of Nortenos is the word "Mayatero."
Ese, look at that norputo. He's a punk ass mayatero, kicking it with all those pinche mayates!
by 510lagrumpyx3 December 11, 2007
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A non-black male who dates black women. Derived from the derogatory term Mayate (Black person)
Mexican girl sees Mexican guy with a black girl:
Look at this damn mayatero with that mayata, they should each stick to their own race.
by datmexicandude April 08, 2010
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Nicaraguan slang for whities who act black/gangster.
A group of girls spot a group of white guys fitteds, gold grills and all in a club...frontin.

"Oh my gaaah, mira los mayateros! Ay dios mio!"
by ibeonitallnightman November 03, 2007
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