hey isaiah, that’s your girlfriend. be nice it’s may 29th.
by not420kait May 29, 2021
National eat a banana with the shell still on day
"Check out that guy, he's eating a banana with the peel still on"
"Yeah, didn't you hear? It's May 29th, national eat a banana with the shell still on day"
by tnav11 October 30, 2020
People born on this day are the most prettiest, most gorgeous, handsomest and most loyal people ever.
Oh, Look she’s gorgeous, she must be born on may 29th.
by noodles😍 March 27, 2022
May 29 is National Peppa Pig day. This means that you have to snort all day and just be like Peppa. Have the Peppa vibes in your veins all day!
Person one: *randomly snorts*
Person two: “Ummm”
Person one: “don’t worry it’s May 29th

Person two: “OHHH, *snort*”
by Peppapigs2fan November 3, 2019
national punch jack and zack day
hey did you know may 29th is national punch jack or zack day?
by lolsus12345 May 26, 2021
Bad bitches birthdays.
“Hey it’s the 29th May. Isabelle’s birthday, what a bad bitch
by jessica@frente October 26, 2020