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Known for being a random day with the best dating outcome, usually people will say “I didn’t expect you were going to be my May 12, and now here we are, dating since then”
Eli: Hey, you know now you are my boyfriend?
Tristan: Yes.
Eli: What a coincidence, we are on May 12.
“And that happened on Békéscsaba, while in a scholarship, outside a pub, and as May 12 says… randomly with a dating (the love of your life) outcome.”
by a really lucky girl May 31, 2022
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Ah May 12th, the day that you send your bf a picture of your massive dumpy
Person 1: hey babe guess what day it is?
Person 2: um may 12th?
Person 1: Yep! You know what that means😏
by Thecoolkidnamedplob May 12, 2022
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May 12 is 'National Dave Day'. Dave is the best character in DSAF and today is the day to celebrate it!! 😝😝 You can: draw him, talk about how amazing he is to your friends, and just in general show you appreciation for our beloved davey 💞
"oh my god!! It's may 12 😱😱 I better draw Dave!"
by Sunnykittii May 13, 2022
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May 12 is the day you stay home with your girlfreind to takw care of how we feel, think and act. It also helps to give us a better view on things that could seem unmanageable
May 12 stay home with girlfriend: May 12 I went home to spend the day with my girlfriend instead of going to school, since it was stressful and my girlfriend made me feel much better
by Mi1763 May 11, 2022
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