Girl- hey it may 12
Guy- and that means?
Girl- it means I'm bout to pleasure you fool
by dr._dank_noodles May 11, 2019
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You can grab anything today. Ass, tities, dick pussy. All of it. Although you have to do it for 10 seconds.
Guy, “you dude go grab that girls ass
Dude, “yeah ok
Guy, “just make sure you do it for 10 seconds though it’s May 12”
by Got em kehd May 9, 2019
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Have-An-Orgy-With-All-Your-Friends-Day is where you have fun with all your friends! May 12
by Kyzorein May 11, 2020
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Fucking legends are born on this day
Why is she so hot?
Oh, because she was born on May 12th
by Bornonmay12 November 8, 2019
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This people born on this day are gonna be the best and smartest people you Well ever meet!
People born one may 12 are the best
by UrbanMeh November 25, 2019
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Global show your boobies day
Yoo honey it’s May 12, show your boobs day, love you!
by willowmillers May 5, 2022
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May 12th is the day when the hottest people are born. They are also really funny
Person 1: hey I was born on may 12!
Person 2: omg you’re so hot and funny

Person 1: why?
Person 2: because you were born on may 12th!
by SwaggyPerson November 16, 2021
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