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Drinking with the intention of getting so exceedingly drunk that you wander around in your underwear, ala Pierce Brosnan in the movie The Matador.
Lets get fuckin' matador'd tonight!
by Cuntracula September 06, 2006
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The aftermath of anal penetration where the phallus is of such proportions, tbe rectum looks as it might after being gored by a bull's horn.
Sir Reginald Piers-Gently; And how were Fanny and Verity when you last saw them?Lord Fredistare Buntwick; Well old chap, Fanny has just finished her second year at Oxford, and Verity has been matador'd by several Galician stable boys!
Sir Reginald Piers-Gently; i'm deligbted to hear it!
by Klaatu's Nikto December 01, 2017
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