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1/3 Captain
1/3 Ginger Ale
1/3 Red Bull

Created by Mario and Aleks.
Dude I got so fucking loopt last night drinking The Matador.

Fran and Nicole's favorite drink.
by Pags to Riches January 02, 2012
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When one, while wearing a robe, farts and then, with hands in robe pockets twirls the right side form back to front and left side from back to front. Thus giving the illusion of a matador while equally spreading the " joy" just released
"I just gave my son The Matador while he was watching cartoons...he was not at all happy".
by DemmyMack413 January 13, 2011
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It is a threesome sex position. It involves a woman getting in the doggie style position with her hair in pig tails. The pig tails are representing the horns of a bull. While person A is thrusting on the bull, person B (the matador) stands across the room with his penis exposed and erect. With person A thrusting in mid-stroke, the bull runs toward the matador and proceeds to perform oral sex on him. After several seconds of fellatio, the matador removes his penis and runs to the other side of the room, and they repeat the process until all participants finish.
Bob: Man I am so tired
Tyrone: Why is that?
Bob: Man, me and Ricky did the matador on Rachel last night
by Polo22 January 08, 2016
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1. When someone runs up on you with the intention of whipping ass and you side step then throw them down and beat the shit out of them.
2. The name given to when a chick tricks you into having sex with her on her period because like a bull you where tricked into trying to penetrate something red and undesirable.
1. Warren: I am going to get you mofo!
Me (after kicking some ass): You just got yourself the matador douche bag.
2. Nate: How was it?
Me: She gave me the matador treatment!
Nate: O, damn i hope you bought new sheets.

by P. Kaltenbach December 05, 2007
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When your having sex doggystyle and you ram your partners head into the headboard or wall so hard it knocks them out. You then throw the covers over their head and scream Olé!
My wife got me a tie for my birthday so I gave her The Matador later that night.
by CLIckAble August 19, 2016
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