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MasterPath is a spiritual path that exists purely for the soul of the individual. It teaches one how to go inside, collect one's spiritual currents, and ultimately realize the full expression of soul's innate divinity culminating in Self, Spirit, and God realization.

MasterPath has its roots in the Light and Sound, which has existed at all times and across cultures. In these teachings there is always a Sat Guru, which means true teacher. He presents the teachings through writings and seminars, and lovingly assists students through initiation into the Light and Sound.

Mystics and Saints over time have called the Sound Current the Word, the Music of the Spheres, the Shabd, and the language of the Soul. These words describe the eternal energy that exists at the third eye. References to this spiritual current are found in the works of Socrates, Rumi, Hafiz, Nanak, and more recently Sawan Singh Ji.

MasterPath was founded by Param Saint Sri Gary Olsen in 1987. He is a Sat Guru of the Light and Sound who emphasizes contemplation over meditation for the western mind.
The Master student relationship on a true Light and Sound path such as MasterPath is one of boundless love. All help is given both inwardly and outwardly. If one takes an entire lifetime to recognize a true Master it is a life well lived.
by lovethetruth November 07, 2013
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aka Master Path or MP
A US-based cult that purports to be a vehicle of the teachings of light and sound, a path which will lead to spiritual enlightenment.

The group suppresses free dissemination of teachings or writings, one must pay the group in order to access this information. Master Path was kicked out of South Dakota and now has a home in Temecula, CA.

The leader of the group indirectly encourages followers to pray on his visage. All MP followers have a picture of a creepy-looking, leather-faced man wearing a turquoise polo shirt. The leader tells followers he is just a humble servant of God, but requires them to follow himself, the Guru, or they cannot attain enlightenment.

The leader teaches followers to release sense of self, to not trust themselves or their instincts and to instead follow his path. Part of following requires a monthly payment of at least $30.

According to the leader, leaving the Master Path is the worst thing anyone could do, as without the Master's protection, they will run into all sorts of troubles which would not have happened had they remained with the Master Path.

The Master Path draws in seekers looking for answers, and the leader provides plenty of answers, copied from other neo-Eastern cults, such as Eckankar.

The leader holds seminars in US cities to pull in more lemmings and more cash.

In sum, Master Path is a cult that feeds on troubled souls. It kills self-identity and the ability to think for yourself. Its group structure is authoritarian, its methods are insidious, and its net effect is truly toxic. If you have loved ones who are involved, seek help before it is too late.
Followers of that whacked-out cult called the MasterPath are such a bunch of zombies.


Send me $$$ every month, and don't you worry, just keep the checks coming, and you'll for sure reach enlightenment! Trust the MasterPath, bro!
by TheCultWatcher August 12, 2009
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