Th kind of a troll that common net-trolls cannot out-troll in forums. Genuinely smart, a Master Troll is commonly the *most* clever of trolls who usually leaves other net-trolls and innocent preys mentally beat up ain frustration or even anger.

Unlike common net-trolls, Master Trolls are at times a friend to many. He seldom or even never puts himself under the threads of others to seek attention. He usually starts his own "troll thread" as a venue, with the capacity to lure other trolls and counter trolls for a challenge which triggers their hunger for revenge in a battle of wits.
a Master Troll (MT) writes a troll topic/thread...

-- gets replies...

regular visitor: @MT you don't make sense.. ideas ideas... ,
troll1: @MT GFYS ##$$#!!%& and @regular visitor **&@&*@
troll2: @MT you know nothing! I am the best $^^%&&#& piece of S%%&
angry visitor: @MT $$* --- and long narrative reply slams slams
counter troll: dont mind @MT he's as stupid as he can be
netopath: @MT I own you, I'll report you with your IP etc....

MT: thanks @troll1, any more snacks for me?
<troll1 leaves>

MT: @troll2, define "dim"
<troll2 get's caught thinking and distracted retaliates>
<MT treats troll2 like troll1 but repeatedly shows how short troll2 is>
<other readers understand's MT and bashes troll2>
<troll2 leaves and promises vengeance>

MT: @angry - you know i'm right here are point a,b,c as proof. Thoughts?
<angry visitor leaves>

MT: @counter what's your proof?
<@counter sometimes exchange replies but runs out of arguments, get's caught and leaves>

MT: @netopath deny it or not, I'm your Master... ready your toungue, here's my butt.
<netopath replies - nah... I own you, till we meet again &$$ #0l3>
<netopath leaves eyeing for a next vengeance>

MT: @regular visitor - ideas, ideas, ideas ...
(discussion or trolling continues)

Master Troll says... :-)
by ChaosOrder April 15, 2013
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Someone who can stop trolls from trolling.
Man 1: " When we were talking about Charlie Sheen suing CBS, someone told me that he was 'bi-winning,' so I told him to bug off and he did."
Man 2: You are such a Master Troll!
Man 3:Charlie Sheen is a liar and a fake!!!
Man 1: Face it, you're the liar troll!
(Man 3 cries and runs away)
(Man 1 makes awesome face)
by bashdash4 July 02, 2011
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It's what you yell when you realize you're wrong after arguing about something you had no information about or after being a total dick to people around you.
Normal person: Why the fuck did you just murder my family?
Some Retarded Guy: MASTER TROLL HAHAHAHA! It was a prank all along!
by glaklen November 13, 2017
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Typically a self appointed title claimed by social media fucktards.
I am the Master Troll.....
by Orwell knows January 29, 2017
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A faggot who is good for nothing, he should probably kill himself. Loves mine craft and is hated by everyone, even his family.
by Fuck you lemaster June 10, 2017
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when two james troll to the very best and there best can not be beaten
haha, you been trolled by the troll masters
by troller 1 September 27, 2013
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