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A small cheap fried chicken franchise based in Leicestershire, UK. Some argue it is "cheap pigeon", but whatever it is I love it and at a price of 5p for a strip, I'm not complaining! The chicken itself is amazing and afterwards, you know you have slightly killed yourself and put your life at risk, but that taste is with you everywhere you go.

Maryland also shits of KFC.
"Bring me a strip burger, chop chop, hurry up! - don't forget the cheese, man, ain't that lovely-up"
"Maryland is scary, man! I'm addicted, to the taste of every damn thing!"

"Hey, dude! Wanna go KFC?"
"Do you think I am made of money and like the taste of bland chicken that couldn't feed a fly?"
"What, man?"
"Go fucking Maryland Chicken."
by joebmxkid March 23, 2013
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