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A Martyred Incel is typically an introvert, academic, or, for lack of a better term, nerd who is labeled an Incel by his classmates because of his visible lack of motivation regarding relationships and social interaction.

This is a simple lack of communication between those who are labeling and he who is being labeled. Those who are labeling don't understand he who is being labeled enough to know his intentions, goals, and philosophies. And he who is being labeled doesn't care enough to try and prove himself. The result is a boy who is martyred because of his own ideas on life. Because he doesn't emphasize relationship building and socializing as everyone else does, he is given the label of Incel.

In reality, a Martyred Incel is just trying to get through. He doesn't emphasize relationships and socializing as much as the crowd does. He probably sees women as equals to men, and therefore gives them no special attention. It could even be that he doesn't want to be in a relationship period.
Boy: I met that kid yesterday, he was very polite.

Girl: How? He's a fucking incel, can't you tell, he doesn't talk to anyone.

Boy: Just because he doesn't talk to anyone doesn't mean he's an Incel. Your making him a Martyred Incel.

Girl: Whatever. Any boy who doesn't follow the ideals of the rest of us are incels.
by Father of the Year July 19, 2019
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