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A MartMart is a kid who is rejected by society for his lack of penis size and brain. Has no friends and is just a all around loser at life and also looks towards video games to ease his pain. His name is also usually marty
Dude did you see that kid with know friends?" "Yeah, man That kids a MartMart
by Ed the bird November 15, 2010
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In the game Tales of Symphonia 2, that creepy 10 year old Alice calls our queen Marta "MartMart". Very sexually curious and has a particular attraction for prepubescent boys who have demons inside them. Her best friend is a sassy black cat. Hates blonde girls.
Marta: Alice only comes up with those little nicknames for people she likes.
Emil: So the fact that Alice calls you MartMart must mean she likes you a lot.
Marta: No, it's the opposite for girls. That nickname means I'm on her bad list.
by qwwerttyyu December 21, 2016
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