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Attractive and beautiful woman with a unique vibe that you can feel since the first minute. A true friend that will always be there to give the best advices. If a Marilena ever comes to your life, make sure to enjoy every moment with her because she is a free spirit, and when she goes away you will want more of her magic.. :)
Do you remember Marilena?
Of could i forget her? I really like that girl.
by maldito83 July 22, 2011
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Marilena is one of the best people you will ever meet. She is kind, caring, funny and smart, friendly and talkative, but is also slightly blunt and can be insensitive. But she is the best friend anyone could ever have and if you have a Marilena in your life you must consider yourself to be very lucky and hope that she never exits it. I hope you all find your Marilena (so long as she's not my one, back off, i love her too much).
She really helped you out back there, she's a real Marilena😉
by Tartan Tangerine January 03, 2018
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