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It's a name for a person. It's pretty rare, specially when the only other definition for it is a werid shit post that is slightly concerning with how specific it is on bringing bad meaning to the name. Anyway, it's just a pretty rare way to spell Mary Grace. However, people with Marigrace may have different nicknames that are pronouced differently. Example, Mari is a nickname that can be pronounce multiple different ways. Normally people with this name are probably of European decent, even though Mari is the Japanese version of Mary, maybe you're family got creative. If you're wondering why I didn't just do what the rest of the people here do and just say "people with this name are the most beautiful and kind women on the place they are amazing in every way possible" because I want the definition to reflect the names nature. It used to be kinda common but now it's very rare.
"Yo Mari how do you spell your full name? "
"So Marigrace?"
"Yeah lmao"
by Peenisweenis June 04, 2018
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