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Mariellis is usually a Latin girl with a big heart.She's everything your looking for. She's kind, beautiful, smart, funny, and she has a good body. Guys desire a Mariellis because not only is she a good kisser but she's a goddess in bed too.
Now Mariellis' are rare so if u get one don't let her go. She's never afraid to speak her mind and knows how to back herself up. She isn't no shy chick usually they kinda freaky. She's independent and she's gonna kill the league. There ain't no girl like a Mariellis. If u know one damn u Lucky asf. She loves love. And she loves to love everybody with her big heart. She will never do you dirty or betray you. But don't forget Mariellis also has a dark side. A don't mess with her side. Her savagery side. If you fuck around with her she wil start something she will fuck you up and she will rash you out. So watch out cuz what goes around comes around. But also be careful and don't fuck around in a way that might offend her cuz she's also very sensitive. Well ya this is what a Mariellis is, a Latin beautiful mysterious wonderful girl full of surprises.

Oh and P.S her lurking game is strong asf.She finds out everything.
"Bro I just met this girl Mariellis and I already think I'm in love"
by Damn I'm beautiful August 24, 2016
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