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Beautiful, intelligent, woman who loves unconditionally. A woman and mother who has been hurt beyond one could imagine but forgives without forgetting. Often reacts on emotion and stands up on pricipal. Unique. Loves eyes as blue as the sea after a storm.
Maricella is a wonderful person that I am happy to know.
by Bird Woman February 17, 2010
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She's got a heart of pure gold and a warm personality. Always looks out for other people before herself and leaves herself open to be hurt, but wouldn't have it any other way. It's her bubbly happiness that keeps the people around her going even if they don't recognize it. She'll be a whole-hearted passionate person in a relationship and you ought not let her go. You won't find someone more committed to your happiness.
That girl's name is Maricella, and once I work up the courage I hope she'll go out with me.
by Ossum242 December 16, 2015
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