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Mariale is a girl/ guy who loves making people happy. He/ she is a very funny,kind and understanding friend. He/She never let anyone hurt her friends or family. He/She is the

always the comedian of a group.
Mariale is such a funny girl.
by The Ingenious One October 12, 2018
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Mariale Def. Mariale or suckerfish are grossly tall. Their distinctive first dorsal fin takes the form of a modified oval sucker-like organ with slat-like structures that open and close to create suction and take a firm hold against the skin of Smaller Devil Spawn Creatures (population:1). By sliding backward, the Mariale can increase the suction. Mariale's sometimes attach themselves to small boats or temporary "friends" to replace the Devil Spawn. The most Common creature that is repeatedly sucked by the Mariale is the Devil Spawn, Well, when the Mariale has no real purpose in life, this action to attach to the Devil Spawn is taken. Which basically is 52 weeks a year. But if the Devil Spawn were to go to ferguson, where there is fresh new suckers to get sucked by, (Preferrably bi's for the Devil Spawn to suck or get sucked by) The Devil Spawn will swim backwards to forcefully release the Mariale from her grip.
Sammy-"Well idk, is there a short girl oddly close to her? Does she have a mustache?"
Lanette- "Why yes.. she does...."
Sammy- "Yes thats a mariale!"
by ROFLMAOJAJA May 21, 2008
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