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The Best Friend you could ever had!!! She can be small, but is daring. She can be wrong, but doesn't regret what she was trying to say. She can be annoying, but helpful whenever you need her. She is always there for everyone and fights for what she wants and thinks is right. Sometimes you might get mad at her, and she will try everything she can, even the impossible, but she will get her friend back, if not, she will do the same, get mad at you so that you reconcile and ask pardon from her until she wants to say yes. If you feel bad, she will do crazy and dumb stuff to get a smile out from your face!!! If you have no Maria Emilia in your life, you are not a normal person, that means you're not a human being. You have to have a Maria Emilia in your life to ALWAYS be happy and see crazy things happen!!! So, go get yourself a Maria Emilia NOW!!!!!!!! If not, she will go to you!!! Maria Emilia is just everything in life, if you don't have her, you're missing a part in your body, in your soul, and in your heart!!!!!!
Girl 1: Hey, did you hear that a Cristina got mad at Maria Emilia for a dumb reason?
Girl 2: Yeah it's sad right?
Girl 1: Well, guess what, now I heard that Maria Emilia saw that trying to get her back was not working so she stop and kind of " got mad at her" too.
Girl 2: Are you serious?
Girl 1: Yeah, and it is working 'cuz Cristina is now trying talking to her.
Girl 2: Ha, hilarious!
Girl 3: Well, my friend told me that her friend told her that Cristina just got mad at her 1 week, but wanted her to leaen a lesson, so she got mad at her for 6 months, but that she regretted getting mad at Maria Emilia for a reason which didn't have a real value!!!!!
Girl 2: At least they reconciled now and are the best friends ever!!!!! It seems that Maria Emilia's plan DID work!
Girl 1 & 3: It looks like, see? Look at them right now, they are talking about their private, awesome, and cool show they both see but no one else does, apparently.
Girl 2: Well, when don't they?!!! If they always talk about that, but that's a different story.
Girl 1 & 3: That's so true!!!❤️👭👩 ❤️ 👩👧🏻👧🏽👭❤️
by Botella_MaE.R._CF_Fresa May 18, 2017
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