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An asian girl who tends to be sweet and uses sarcasm as a way to escape. Typicallly very shy and a person that should be appreciated and loved. Also a girl who is very dependable.
That Marenda has a weird na
by foreverurbestie May 16, 2009
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A small Asian girl who enjoys lames music and speaking in Spanish.
That Marenda girl is nice but I wish she'd listen to Lady GaGa.
by iheartmarenda May 13, 2009
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Awesomest kid ever, has a million bucks, might go to heaven, eats pizza at romos(hmu) and loves nachos... is also extremely short, and has bootiful hair, and lives on the top of a volcano in hawaii:)
Oh man! Look at marenda's house on top of that volcano eating pizza and nachos!
by Jdjebrj May 15, 2018
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