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a neighborhood between West Chester and Downingotwn, Pa. This is the closest neighborhood to Downingtown East High School. The main roads through this neighborhood are Concord Avenua and Devon Drive. The west side of this neighborhood seems to produce well-rounded people who have great success in life. The east side produces druggiesand criminals. You never hear of these eastsiders after elementary school because they are in and out of rehab centers. Marchwooders are middle to upper class. There is no diversity to speak of in Marchwood. Basically all white people who are raising families. In the heart of Marchwood is Acker Park. This park produces some of the best athletes to come through Downingtown High School. The park is famous for its mud football games on rainy days as well as golfers trying to work on their swings at the same time trying to avoid hitting houses. Kerr Park athletes would get beat by these kids in a game of football or basketball anyday but since Kerr Park is in the so called "ghetto" they immediately think they are better. Attractions in Marchwood are the Exton Diner, Wesos, Swans Pantry, Lori Circle, Acker Park, and the Y. The place is relatively old compared to Chester Springs and Glenmoore which gives it some character.
I always get lost in Marchwood because there are so many windey roads and no signs telling me how to get the fuck out of it.
by Marchwood Forever October 19, 2005
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