the hottest and baddest girls/boys of them all and that’s on god
Girl: Hey zaddy want this cake it’s March 15
Boy: ight bet shawty
by saucegorl October 16, 2019
A day when a beautiful sexy loving and caring female was born
She was born in March 15? That must be Houston’s sexy ass
by Joemama’smama October 18, 2019
A guy born on march 15th is the sweetest, most handsome and bog hearted person ever. They could be your soulmate.
Oh he was born on march 15, no wonder he’s so sweet.
by hamfambamwamdamsamcamgam October 20, 2019
So if you were born in March 15 YOU'RE THE FREAKING CRACKHEAD of your friends group! Everybody loves and appreciates you<3
-hi today is my birthday!
-but today is march 15..OMG CAN YOU BE MY BEST FRIEND?
by fairypisces November 19, 2019
Your the beast of the group, everybody loves you and your the honest CRACKHEAD of the group:)))
Also this is national napping day. So get your blanket hop on the sofa and nap away!!!!!
Omg, your birthday is on march 15, wow you must be super fun, can I be your friend?
Its March 15!!!! Time to practice my napping skills!!!!!!
by March 14, 2021
The day TF2 died. The day the reckoning came. The doomsday.

On March 15, User @ShutUpAPhobes posted a tweet that killed the entirety of TF2. It was simply powerful. It was inevitable. Our beloved game is now KILLED.

Rest In Piece, the TF2 community.
8:00 PM Eastern Time Zone March 15

That is when the tf2 community will be exposed.
by AstralDivinity March 16, 2021