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The true Goddess. Your light out shines the sun, your beauty out shines the moon. Stunningly beautiful, intellectual, spiritual, and bomb in bed. The intelligent wifey that all men want, the sexy Goddess only a Golden God could tame.
"U need to stop fucking with these basic bitches and get you a Marcelina."
by Appolymi December 19, 2016
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A sexy, polish goddess. Though she might not get loads of love from friends, she sure does get a lot of love from guys. Everyone has a crush on this girl; they don't admit it but they really do love Marcelina! Since she makes most too shy to admit that they like her, her taste isn't the best. Her light outshines the sun and she is the most intelligent and optimistic person you will ever meet.
"You're not as good as Marcelina"
by ThisBitchx October 24, 2018
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1. A hot blonde Polish person with an amazing sense of fashion.

2. When you have tea running through your veins instead of blood.

3. When a person dates boys who look like hamsters

4. The most popular gaelic singer in the Western Isles

5. An expert in knitting weird gloves
1. "Wow she is such a marcelina."

2. doctor: "I'm sorry to have to tell you that you have marcelina."
person: "Hell yeah!"

3. girl one: "Why is she with him he looks so weird?"
girl two: "What a marcelina."

4. "mise cion Marcelina ban ceutach"
translation: i love Marcelina she is so amazing."

5. as seen in vouge
by samuel smithington January 02, 2008
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Marcelina is a blonde Polish person that everyone has a crush. She acts all nice and innocent around boys or her crush but when she is with her friends, she acts like a complete b*tch!
Jamie: Oh my god, I have a crush on Marcelina!
Britney: Why? She acts like such a b*tch to me!
by PaintedWaters June 25, 2016
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