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1. (The) Marasco was a colourful character in early 21st century Scotland. Appearances of The Marasco were first documented in Aberdeen and then later, Edinburgh. Although often aloof and unpredictable in his nature, The Marasco's influence remains with many. There is an ongoing debate between the sexes as to whether the Marasco was a character for good or for evil. The Marasco's current whereabouts remain a mystery.

2. A situation containing both a positive and negative outcome. A double-edged sword. An act or event usually caused by an individual's own volition that leaves them feeling extreme ambivalence or uncertainty over whether it was a good or a bad decision.
1. Person a - "So I made the decision to quit my job to volunteer. Sure the money will be much less but I'll feel good about helping others."

Person b - "Sounds like a bit of a marasco, I hope it works out for you"

2. Marrying for security whilst loving another - A dilema solved with a marasco.
by Optimus1 February 02, 2010
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Purposely taking a shit in your own backyard knowing you’ll get caught and severely punished.
I banged my friends wife but didn’t give a shit if I’d get caught. I’m such a Marasco.
by FucknoSnake October 11, 2019
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