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Noun. Pronouced: "Mar-Gar-Ee-Ta-Vill"
1) A fake destination in a Washed up Jimmy Buffet song. Its the place you go when you are living a lethargically alcoholic life.
2) A low quality restaurant chain started by Jimmy Buffet, in order to keep the cash coming in when his talent petered off.
3) A Single restaurant in Capitola CA, and while this one claims originality, it still has a long way to go before become great.
1) Mike: "I can't dude, I'm looking for my lost shaker at Margaritaville."
2)Steve: "Isn't this part of the Maragaritaville Chain?
3)Beto: "Go to Margaritaville again, their D.J. is so hokey!"
by Wangston Hughes September 23, 2008
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