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A beautiful girl with a great smile. She is weird and funny, even when she is sad. Sure, she gets mad; but is usually always good-spirited and is always ALWAYS optimistic. She is loving to her brothers and sisters(if she has any) even when they are awfully annoying!!!:) Everyone loves Maquela because she is so nice and loving. If you are feeling down, talk to Maquela. She plays a very motherly figure, is very responsible... sometimes. Maquela is very socially awkward and just awkward in general.In a good way.:) MAquela is not pronounced Ma-kway-la.... its pronounced like Makayla(ma-kay-luh) Maquela is a true friend.
Who is that?

You Don't know who that is!!!
Dude! Thats Maquela.
Are you cereal?
YES! Thats Maquela!!!
She's pretty.
I know right!
by Amanderrr September 14, 2013
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Maquela is probably the baddest and beautiful girl you'll ever meet. She is very loving and plays a motherly figure and is very optimistic and has great hair. If your ever feeling down talk to maquela she knows just what to say. She has a very bad temper so dont get on her bad side cause she will pop off on you unexpected. But overall maquela is a great person and a true friend.❀
Maquela is so mean
Well what did u do to get on her bad side cause I think she's cute😍
Well she is cute but bad
by Maquela❀ December 28, 2017
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