As described in South Park S19E02, a term used to identify someone who has sexual preference for Canadian women or men.
"And I suppose you have a thing for Canadian girls, huh? Is that it? You've got maple fever?
by DeathMetal September 25, 2015
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Being attracted to Anyone born, and currently living, in Canada.
"Did you hear about Bill's trip to Vancouver? Now he totally has The Maple Fever."
by SpellacyGuy November 02, 2015
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1. The uncontrollable urge to put maple syrup on everything, including coffee, breakfast cereal and bacon.

2. The feeling one gets when wanting to see the change of the colours of the maple trees in September and October, especially in Ontario and Quebec.

3. A non-Canadian obsessed with all things Canadian, including Kraft Dinner, poutine, hockey, Earls girls, bacon, “free healthcare”, kayaking, Timmy Ho’s, moose and polar bears.

4. A sexual obsession for Canadians felt by non-Canadians. First coined when Butters from South Park starts dating a Canadian girl.
Example 1:

Damn this maple fever! I’ll need to head to the the cabane à sucre (sugar shack) this afternoon to re-stock!

Example 2:
Wife: Honey, I would love to head up to Mont-Tremblant this weekend to see the fall leaves!
Husband: Sounds like you've got the maple fever! Hopefully we leave early enough to beat the traffic – I don’t like dealing with the obnoxious leafers from New York City!

Example 3:
American: I had this wonder trip up to Vancouver this weekend – they have Timbits, poutine, craft beer, mountains and a lovely area called Stanley Park…..
Friend: Buddy – stop with this maple fever nonsense! If you love it up there so much, why don’t you stay up there then?

Example 4:
American: I’m heading to the Calgary Stampede this weekend to see if I can score with a hottie Canadian chick!

Friend: Dude, that’ll be the third time you’ve been in as many years! You gotta find a nice local American girl to wean you off the maple fever!
by Apu de Beaumarchais September 24, 2015
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Having the hots for a Canadian. Coined by South Park episode "Where my country gone?"
"Butters fell in love with Charlotte because he had maple fever."
by Brako September 27, 2015
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For someone who is not of Canadian heritage/nationality to have lust/desire and or any other affection/adoration for someone who is Canadian.
"Dave keeps looking to move from New York to Toronto because he has maple fever."
"Sarah only dates Canadian dudes, she has pure maple fever."
by The_Jain October 01, 2015
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Having strong affection whether sexually or emotionally for a Canadian born citizen.
Father: " Eh, guy. Why do you want to date my daughter Charlotte so bad eh?

Boyfriend: " I'm not your guy, fwend. And because we have fallen in love.

Father: " I'm not your fwend buddy. Seems to me like you have maple fever eh?
by Bar Blenis October 21, 2015
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