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A term which both the locals, and people in neighbouring areas use to describe the city of Maple Ridge, British Columbia. The term references the lack of anything to do in the city, the poor condition of streets and buildings in and around the downtown "ghetto", and the growing number of homeless people and crackheads. The only shopping centre is Haney Place Mall (A.K.A. Skid Central) which consists mainly of a Zellers, a Dollar Giant, an A&W in the food-court, and a bus loop which 12-26 year old skids and douchebags sit bumming cigarettes, asking for money, doing ecstacy, stealing from the stores in the mall, and most importantly NOT BUSSING ANYWHERE! Although the bus loop is located directly beside the cop shop, the police generally don't do fuck all about it.
Sarah: "I'm going to Maple Ridge today, wanna come?"
Dan: "Nah bitch, that's dirt!"
Sarah: "Please, I want someone to come to the mall with me."
Dan: "That's greasy as fuck, yo! I ain't going to Maple Ditch, or anywhere near Skid Central"
by aljorypa September 28, 2011
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