There are a lot of "manufactured" phenomena that are disingenuous, shameful, and harmful to the evolution of the human species. Besides the all-to-common manufactured drama, there is the "manufactured crisis" that, in one common instance, upper management uses when they feel guilty for earning so much money for doing relatively nothing. They create a crisis to feel self-important and to re-assert their position in the pecking order of the organization.

Manufactured crisis can also involve skewing research and statistics, falsification of reports, outright lying, and the presentation of various unfounded data to to things like: sway public opinion, create drama in a small uneventful human lives, get a person stigmatized and/or fired from their job, acquire funding and administrative support for pet projects, and a affect a myriad of hypocritical and radically dishonest outcomes.

Being blissfully unaware, willfully obtuse, and ultimately subjugated by those employing this tactic is often embraced by those wanting to advance their own agenda and/or enforce their own preconceptions. This is a larger social phenomenon used to define (again) manufactured, superficial, and subjective dualities of "good and evil", "us and them", "right and wrong", et. al. It is common throughout the history of civilization and has been key to the human atrocities that stem from not only an innate human arrogance and elitism, but the coupling of (2) very disparate and volatile human elements: insecurity and competitive drive.

This phenomena's efficacy in "rallying troops" has helped it to become a common propaganda model used in right and left wing media, politics, and corporations which are often one-in-the-same in today's oligarchical society.
"Being a Good German", Salem Witchcraft Trials, The Crusades, Radical Islam, and definition #3 of the "Manufacturing Outrage" entry.

See also: Chomsky's "Manufacturing Consent".

"My dickhead boss fired me after years of hyper-scrutiny and manufactured crisis because I was deemed a threat to the department's soul-less administrative way of life where all they wanted was to graze (like cows) their way to retirement".
by Gay Republican May 29, 2009
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