Noun: An opinion held by a man.

Verb: An opinion expressed by one who is a man.

Adverb: To express a manpinion that ends in 'ily' or 'ly'.
In his manpinion, Roger felt that Chevy trucks were far more awesome than Ford trucks.

In his manpinion, when doing 1970s sexual role playing Doug liked his wife to wear cutoffs instead of disco hot pants.

In his manpinion, Mr. Austin Smith felt turn signals were an unnecessary part of expressway merging.
by dustbunyshuny July 14, 2009
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An opinion that, in the eyes of social justice warriors and rabid feminists, is invalid becomes it comes from a man.
Jennifer: I like blue M&Ms.
Steve: I like red ones.
Jennifer: Stop mansplaining to me with your manpinion! I feel so triggered right now.
by Indica35 October 07, 2016
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